This year’s Something Wicked festival surpassed our wildest dreams, thanks to your astoundingly creative costumes, unmatched level of energy, and sky-high positive vibes to boot! We hope you explored The Asylum to it’s fullest extent, from the Mystic Meadows down to the Bass Crypt all the way into the dark realms of the Shadowlands. We’re not done sharing festival moments together just yet — you can still live through your Wicked memories by checking out the scary good photo galleries on our Facebook page.

Our official photography crew including Rukes, Oh Dag Yo, and Jean Velez have not let us down! Flip through their top shots documenting what went down at Something Wicked. What better time to relive the glory and share photos of you and your friends, while catching first sight of some things you might have missed within The Asylum walls.

Day 1: Saturday, October 28th

malaa performs live at the asylum

Day 2: Sunday, October 29th

festival grounds lit up at night