Halloween is coming up quick, and we can’t wait to revel with the ghouls and goblins that roaming The Asylum grounds. We hope that you, our party goers, are just as excited to show us Wicked pride and let everyone know your weekend whereabouts.

Use the below graphic to update your social profiles and let your friends know you’ll be gone for one Wicked weekend. Commit yourself fully to immersing yourself in The Asylum’s festival experience. Send the message, “BRB, I’m having more fun than you!” So release your inhibitions (and cell phones along the way) to get into the spirit of Something Wicked!

Update Your Profile to Be With the Wicked

Can it be Saturday already? Update your profile pic(s) or write a post in advance of the festival, to proudly share the news that this weekend, you’re in for a treat…when you’re gone for Something Wicked.

gone to the asylum